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As anglobal_market_leader organization we are fully committed to operating with utmost integrity and professionalism. We employ a flexible investment & Advisory approach to working with management and vendors and aim to align interests to the benefit os all. In most of our deals , management have a significant stake in the company.  We try our best to ensure that to ensure that there is absolutely no slippage in our committments. So you are free to contact us any time and we very much look forward to continue operating with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. 

Private_Equity_-_PGFDuring the last two decades, the global private equity and acquisition market has experienced steady growth. Pentagon Finance International aims to be a leader in the global market place by producing continous superior acquisitions and supporting credible business ideas with high growth future prospects.

Pentagon Finance International is an International Corporate Advisory firm and independent acquisition and investment vehicle based in the United Kingdom.
We specialise in Corporate Advisory, Crude Oil Sales and Advisory, and small scale acquistions and investments in high growth SME's, our investments* vary from £0 to £1m depending on the size and nature of the company we are buying or investing in.

Corporate Advisory
We provide a wide range of corporate financial services from IPOs to Mergers & Acquisitions advisory in other to assist companies in raising capital for the future business development and maximizing profits for shareholders and corporate stakeholders.

We buy majority or minority stakes in SME's and start-ups in-house or on behalf of our clients, and through this medium we back high quality management teams that have strong potential to expand and sustain their business. We help our clients and acquisition targets develop credible strategies to generate the required rate of return to meet our minimum investment criteria/s.

Energy | Oil & Gas
We are partners with key Oil and Gas Suppliers and Buyers in Africa, the US, Europe and the Middle East. We help facilitate transactions mainly on behalf on our Sellers, we also take pride in our reputation and our good track record with our Buyers. 
Contact our Energy Team on: +44 (0) 845 224 0736 or +44 (0) 7956 309 423. 

Investment Club
Our investment club has a limited number of elegible numbers and is regulated by guidlines set out by the financial services authority in the United Kingdom. Click Here to Register.
Our investment club is committed to operating with utmost intergrity and professionalism within the ethical guidlines set by the FSA for investment clubs in the United Kingdom.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the best Energy, Corporate, and SME advisory service to our clients and discover compelling opportunities, and back winning and credible management teams, create value whereever and whenever we take a majority or minority stake in a business.
We will continously seek to achieve the highest levels of Advisory excellence across our main disciplines and seek acquisitions for clients that can achieve substantial capital growth on exit, either through trade sale or IPO, set reasonable but robust management targets, and we aim to maintain high levels of integrity and professionalism with all our transactions.
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